Thursday, September 13, 2012

Faith WOD - 9/13/2012

Describe how the four categories listed below are affected when we become more aware of our real identity (made in God's own image):

1 - Family interactions

2 - Social interactions

3 - Professional decisions

4 - Physical fitness & nutrition decisions

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"In a large house there are things made of gold and silver. But there are also things made of wood and clay. Some of these are used for special purposes, others for ordinary jobs. 21 The Lord wants to use you for special purposes, so make yourself clean from all evil. Then you will be holy, and the Master can use you. You will be ready for any good work." (2 Timothy 2:20-21)


  1. This is probably my favorite faith wod this far. I've been following for a week now and I feel that my walk with Christ has only improved!

    1) family interactions:
    -Honor your mother and father.
    I feel that it is easy to forget at times just because its "mom and dad" and we don't always like to take their advice. But in the end, they are always right and should be the spiritual leaders of the household

    2) social interaction:
    - reflect Christ in your actions and not just by your words.
    Its easy to "talk the talk" but not so easy to "walk the walk" with the many temptations we face daily. As Christians however, we reflect Christ in our daily actions and even when we slip, our reactions to that slip-up reflect him just as much.

    3) professional:
    - Be trustworthy and brave. Always do what is right at whatever the cost.

    Sometimes Doing the right thing bears co sequences just as much as the wrong thing. But when God brings you to a challenge, he will bring you through it as well.

    4) fitness/ nutrition:
    - to honor God through treating our body as a temple that the holy spirit resides in. Our actions in sport reflect our relationship with Christ even more due to the physical strain we as athletes are placed under. It's during these times that we can either trust Christ and keep moving, or we can give into the " I did this on my own" attitude.

  2. With family and social interactions keeping in mind that we are all made in God's own image changes the way we act. Treating everyone with more respect and love are two side effects when keeping this in mind.

    Professional decisions are more prone to be in the likeness of God when viewing ourselves in the image of God. That is keeping in mind who we are and who we belong to will align us with the will of God.

    With our own physical well being in mind and the fact that we are wonderfully made by our creator we would do good to take care of our own bodies through nutrition and physical maintenance i.e. fitness.

  3. 1. Family interactions: Remembering my "real identity" means showing Christ to my husband, kids, grandkids every day through my actions, reactions, and words.

    2. Social: showing Christ to my friends every day. By being strong in my faith and not conforming to the world's values and views.

    3. Professional: Respect my coworkers, be on time, be productive, do more than expected of me, help others when they need help.

    4. Fitness/nutrition: Being healthy and fit creates a better attitude. It shows that I am aware of the gift of good health that God has given and I need to take care of that gift. It also helps me to resist the sins of laziness and gluttony. I know the importance of tending the temple.

  4. 1 – Family interactions
    I should lead my home in Truth, respectfully and graciously.

    2 – Social interactions
    "I shall preach the Gospel to everyone I meet and use words only when necessary.

    3 – Professional decisions
    Serve at my job as though I worked for the Lord himself.

    4 – Physical fitness & nutrition decisions
    Honor God's creation (my body) by caring for it with zeal and respect, preparing it to be ready to take the good news to anyone anywhere at anytime no matter what the circumstances.

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