Thursday, September 20, 2012

Faith WOD - 9/20/2012

Identify 3 things the "heavens declare" about YOU.

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"The sun’s tent is set up in the heavens. 5 It comes out like a happy bridegroom from his bedroom.  It begins its path across the sky like an athlete eager to run a race. It starts at one end of the sky and runs all the way to the other end.  Nothing can hide from its heat." (Psalm 19:4-6)

(Psalm 19:3-4)


  1. that i will always hope in thing that seem bad
    I will love anything and everything
    that i never give up on anything !!

  2. I am artistic. I am funny because of my quirkiness and uniqueness. I am forgiving. These are things I KNOW to be true. I wish I could say that I were truly loving, truly selfless, truly Christ-like...but God still has a lot to work on with me.