Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Faith WOD - 9/26/2012

Describe the steps to true success.

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"The Lord is my shepherd.  I will always have everything I need." (Psalm 23:1)


  1. 1) Accepting Christ into your life and consenting to be loved by him
    2) actively seeking ways to grow in your walk with Christ
    3) sharing Christ with all of those around you.
    4) to view and express yourself as a Christian first and foremost

  2. @Jones. Those are valid and well thought out steps. I am not meaning to question or berate anything you have said but more of a question as to why #4 is last when it is your "first and foremost". I also believe that in viewing and expressing yourself as such you are admitting to loving Christ and accepting to try and love as He love(s)(d)

  3. True success is when we are in heaven with our lord and savior.

  4. Sorry--I meant to post that as a comment, not as a reply. Those are absolutely just my thoughts.

  5. 1. Admit your weaknesses and the things that take precedence over God.
    2. Put away those "childish things" and consider others better than yourself.
    3. Find the place/situation where you can truly utilize your talents for the good of the Kingdom.
    4. Grow in your love of and relationship with God.
    Repeat as often as necessary.