Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Faith WOD - 10/31/2012

Identify a powerful example of someone who confronted fear (past or present).

*Share your example and description on Comments.

"While Jesus lived on earth he prayed to God, asking for help from the one who could save him from death. He prayed to God with loud cries and tears. And his prayers were answered because of his great respect for God." (Hebrews 5:7)


  1. don't know if this is an example of confronting fear as I wasn't there. however a great example of courage is Tyrone Woods. I pray his father continues to have a great voice for the Lord. did you know that any celebration of Halloween as in a jack-o-lantern is participating in the witches high holiday?

  2. I feel as if Satan confronts a lot of my fears. Since it's hunting season in Illinois, I'll use that as an example. I love to hunt, but in the mornings when it's pitch black I feel that feeling of fear like something is going to attack me. At times, it has kept me from actually going out to hunt. My way of controlling this fear is to constantly repeat a certain verse from the bible that makes me feel comforted. When doing this, it makes me feel as if I'm just taking a nature hike and the reward of seeing the sun rise is well worth it!

  3. The first time a friend of mine came mountain hiking with me, only to turn around after being halfway up. He ended up going again and confronted and conquered his fear of heights.

    Battling fear to be at the summit of a mountain to see God's creation of Earth from such a viewpoint is breathtaking!

  4. BTW has an iPhone app, but you can't modify inddaiiuvl WOD rounds yet, only post that you did one, but without results. I'm hoping they're still working on it, because it looks pretty good otherwise