Thursday, October 4, 2012

Faith WOD - 10/4/2012

List 5 reasons you can TRUST the Lord.

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"I offer you my heart, Lord God, and I trust you.  Don’t make me ashamed or let enemies defeat me.  Don’t disappoint any of your worshipers, but disappoint all deceitful liars." (Psalm 25:1-3 - Contemporary English Version)


  1. because His word is true.
    because He has done many miracle in my life
    because He tells us to put our trust in Him
    because history has shown that we can trust what His word says
    because He loves us

  2. 1. He created me and loves me, all I have that is good is because of Him and through His grace
    2. The Lord only wants me to succeed.
    3. He fulfills my most basic needs in my life; acceptance, identity, security, and purpose.
    4. Agape - God loves me, with a love so powerful I can hardly understand, nothing else is more powerful.
    5. There are no reasons not to.

  3. That 5th reason is so simple, but its what so many that make excuses against God seem to overlook. I am so happy you included it, brother.

  4. 1. He has never let me down, even if things don't go exactly my way
    2. The Bible is full of accounts of His children that He has done so much with
    3. His Word is true, the only Truth, and on this I meditate to bring inner peace that he provides.
    4. He made me in His image and sacrificed His one and only Son while we were all sinners. Now I am perfect to Him and His love never ceases.
    5. He promises a place for me in His Kingdom and that He will not place on me more than I can bare in this life.