Monday, October 8, 2012

Faith WOD - 10/8/2012

List at least 3 options you have when confronted with difficult circumstances.

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"Wait for the Lord’s help.  Be strong and brave, and wait for the Lord’s help." (Psalm 27:14)


  1. Be aggressive and attack the problem without thinking.

    Run and hide from the problem.

    Ask the Lord for help and make a reasoned decision of how to respond in God's time.

  2. Pray, fast, and pray more.

  3. I can cave under the pressure and give into sin or the circumstances.
    I can rush in and trust in my own strength.
    I can trust in the Lord.
    Please pray for me to do the latter; I too ofter do the first two.

  4. 1. You can face the difficult circumstance alone.
    2. You can find someone to help you.
    3. You can allow the lord to guide you and give you the strength to persevere and come out the other side a stronger person.

  5. Prayer, read scripture for wisdom, reach back to my church community to wisdom/advice/help