Friday, August 9, 2013

Faith Weekend WOD

REFLECT:  Who is the "aroma" ultimately for?

RESPOND:  Commit the verses above to memory.

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  1. Paul's ministry and praise of Jesus Christ is the aroma that gives life!...Praise God!...I wish I knew the song "Sweet Aroma" by Jeff Nelson written in 1993

  2. Being on earth, I think it is very easy to have our aromas for ourselves, crossfit, or anything else- earthly things. I think the most important thing is that our eternal aroma is for Christ. Giving your all to things like crossfit is great in my opinion but when it comes down to it, we have to have our hope in something eternal that we ultimately live for.

  3. It seems to me that it is for our fellow man. We spread the love of Christ by living it, showing others His love though our words and actions.

  4. These verses convict and comfort me. The convict me when I clam up and don't speak what the Lord is prompting me to share. When I become too concerned for "what others will think of me", so I stay quiet, or even worse....change the subject. But they comfort me in those times when i do take that awkward step and speak of/for the Lord. I am reminded by these verses that the fragrance of my life is what it is, and just because it smells like death to someone, doesn't mean that it's not a pleasing fragrance to my Lord.
    But, it's the end part of verse 17 that comforts me even more. "And who is sufficient for these things?" So its not just an easy thing to be that fragrance? I'm not the only one who struggles through how to be that fragrance? And then II Cor 3:5-6 I'm not sufficient for this, but God MAKES me sufficient. Oh how I need that.