Friday, August 16, 2013

Faith Weekend WOD

REFLECT:  Why did Paul write this section of his letter to the Corinthians?

RESPOND:  Commit these two verses to memory.

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  1. Powerful verses. First, these verses instill confidence. They gives us hope that we are permitted to approach God for the fulfillment of his promises. But, they warn us this is a different type of confidence. It is not rooted in our own selves. It is rooted in Christ. God is the genesis of our sufficiency. This is comforting as well as empowering. God permits our approaching of him through faith in his Son, Jesus Christ. (love these faith wods, please keep them coming)

    1. It is through Christ that we were given all! I am noting without him! I am thinning of getting a tattoo of scripture some time soon!

      Love all!


  2. Paul was telling the church at Corinth that the way we act can speak louder than words...our competence comes from God and Jesus Christ...All to Jesus I Surrender by Judson W. VanDeVenter written in 1896

  3. Coach,

    It seems to me that Paul was attempting to redirect the focus of the Corinthian's faith back to God. The Corinthians were a tough bunch as they were quarrelling amongst themselves over many doctrinal issues and this was causing issues throughout their community of believers.

    I think that Paul was simply "coaching them up" and letting them know that they were "missing the mark" regarding their faith and ultimately God. Paul gently, yet firmly reminds them that God makes us whole and useful through Christ...we do not do this ourselves.