Thursday, August 29, 2013

Faith WOD

REFLECT: How many times does Paul use the term "remember" or "remind?"

RESPOND:  Commit these five verses to memory.

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  1. Reflect:
    I feel in the passage, God was sending me a very clear message regarding an issue I have been recently battling with. I have had the opportunity and the clear voice from him telling me to share his message with individuals whether it is someone at church or someone around me. I specifically remember a Sunday when I looked down and saw a woman intensely praying, rocking back and forth. I got this enormous, consuming push to lay my hand on her back and let her know I was praying with her. I didn’t do it. I kept feeling like I needed to hug her or say something but despite that overwhelming feeling, I didn’t. She had even parked in the same parking lot as my friend and I did a few blocks away from the church. There, I had another opportunity! I still chickened out. I feel so guilty. I never want to impose and I am fairly new to sharing the word. None-the-less that is no excuse. The next time such an obvious opportunity shows itself, I pray I will make the move and share the light of Jesus Christ.
    In addition to sharing with people in person, I am also afraid to socially spread his work in my life and with others say via Facebook. I have reached out to some, such as a friend whose child was having major surgery. I was reading a passage, and felt the urge to send her this prayer. She was so grateful. I also shared that I was recently baptized in our Family Pond in Mississippi on the same day as my 6-year liver transplant anniversary and didn’t even realize it until after the fact! God works in mysterious ways  Who says he doesn’t have a since of humor as well! I want to show God’s light through everything I do each day and that has recently included crossfit. I started about 4 months ago and am completely addicted. I am going to get my level 1 in October! I read Rich Fronings book in a matter of 2 days and felt so moved by it that I found Crossfit Faith’s website and am so glad I can participate!
    I mainly took: do not be afraid or ashamed to share my message, and we will be safe in the arms of

  2. Powerful scripture and video. Reminders to be bold not about what we can do but what He can do through us, and to never be ashamed about Who we believe in no matter what is popular or politically correct. We know whom we have believed in. Have a great day everyone -

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