Monday, September 9, 2013

Faith WOD

READEphesians 2

REFLECT:  How is the stability of the Christian life described in this chapter?

RESPOND:  Identify 2 ways you have attempted to stand on a faulty foundation in your faith.

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"In him you also are being built together into a dwelling place for God by the Spirit."


  1. By choosing the life of a Christian we are choosing to accept Jesus as our savior. For He is the only way to God and heaven. He died on the cross to bridge the gap that separated us from the Holy Spirit due to our trespasses and sins. The stability of a Christian Life promises peace and love and the ability to be made truly alive. For God refers to us as being dead in the desires of the body and mind. We must set those aside and strive to become one with God, through the cross, which makes us one with the Holy Spirit.

  2. I would say I attempted to stand on a faulty foundation in faith after my transplant. While I was so grateful and in awe at the miracle in which God had preformed, I was internally scared and angry with God. In my mind, I kept saying, what is next Lord? How much pain can you put one through? On the outside, I seemed perfectly fine and attended church and spoke great things of the Lord. Not that I ever stopped believing, but my faith seriously faltered. I had endured a lifetime of abuse and hurt. I was only at age 18 at the time as well and it seemed everything wrong that could happen, happened. I walked through life “pretending”.
    Another time I attempted to stand on faulty ground was I feel going through life ignoring what God was really telling me to do and doing what I convinced myself He was saying. It wasn’t until I truly listened and did what he was telling me (even though it changed every aspect of my life as I knew it) that I found peace and joy in my life. I am more happy today than I have EVER been. My faith continues to grow and I welcome what God has to come in my life.