Monday, October 7, 2013

Faith WOD

READJames 2:14-26

REFLECTHow can someone see your faith?

RESPOND: Do you possess evidence of your faith?  List 4 proofs that faith abides in you.  Praise God for each proof.  Confess your lack of proof.

*Share your thoughts on Comments.

"You believe that God is one; you do well. Even the demons believe—and shudder!"

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  1. I show proof of my faith by remaining calm and kind when my boss gets mad at me. I always drive co-workers home who can't drive or who's parents neglect them. I also always try my best to be kind and show love to strangers and people I meet throughout my day. But I confess my lack of proofs, because the few good deeds I do are minors. I often protest and do not honour my parents when they ask me to do something. I am going to work on showing proof of my faith in my life, because this WOD was definitely scaled for me.


    1. It is not the size of the action but the action in and of itself. Continue with your faith in Christ and the actions will be a natural result. Keep striving and asking for God's guidance on what He expects from you next.

      God Bless and keep charging!

  2. I dispaly my faith through the expression of my time, talents and treasures. I have the oppurtunity to show God's grace in my life through dedicating my TIME to the church, my family and my neighbors. My TALENTS are gifts that have been trusted to me by my Lord that allow me to express His love through physical action. Finally, TREASURES are financial commitments that I make to my church, mission activities, and those in need.

    The biggest struggle that i have with showing my faith is the feeling that i am not doing enough because the events don't seem earth shattering or monumental all the time. i am often reminded by my wife that the events may not seem major but talking to a child that i coach about Christ or being a man and citizen, or a work colleague when they are challenged are small steps to encouraging one another and seeking to bring others to Christ.

  3. I try to follow Mathew 5:16 "let your light shine before men in such a way that they may glorify your father in heaven." by building people up and making them feel important . I also am blessed to be able to run cross country at the collegiate level and when I do well, I clearly let others know that my strength and motivation comes from my faith in Christ.

    However, I struggle to be a light unto everybody. Sometimes I am rude to people and speak without thinking. Only to realize later that how I treated them may affect there opinion on my faith in Christ. I lack courage in some situations to stand up for what I believe in Christ. Also I sometimes lack motivation to do my best at something with a joyful heart. Resulting in a poor attitude, wasting an opportunity to be a witness to others.


  4. I know my faith is real because of the feelings I get when I sin. If I gossip, or slander or get angry or any tiny little thing I feel immediate conviction and know that I am not acting as Christ would. The difficult part for me is not letting conviction turn into condemnation. I have to ask for forgiveness from God and then forgive myself