Friday, January 3, 2014

Faith WOD

READ:  John 8:31-38

REFLECT: What is the "truth" that sets us free?

RESPOND:  Acknowledge one person, activity, or thing in your life that has promised more freedom than the Gospel.

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"Freedom is the desire, ability, and opportunity to do what gives you the most joy a thousand years from now." (John Piper)


  1. The thought, or satan's false promise, that more disposable income could make me and my family happier (or free) continues to be a challenge for me. I need to stay immersed in the Truth of God's word and the promise of the Gospel to be free.


  2. John 17:17...God's word is truth...nothing will set us more "free" than the gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!...Freely, Freely by Carol Owens in 1972

  3. My old friends who tried to convince me that partying, drinking, lust, sex, drugs and 'living life' would give me true freedom and satisfaction in life.

  4. Not sure that I can answer this one...I know that all things of this world are temporary compared to the Gospel and the Good News of Christ

  5. Denny,

    I too struggle with that mindset if thinking that financial "freedom" is the Gods purpose for my life. I have to remind myself that the word of God sets us free from our own thoughts and perceptions of life. He Gospel is the only truth.