Thursday, June 12, 2014


This week's Faith Rx'd Workout:

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  1. So I had the chance to read over this last night, thought that I would read again and try to meditate on it a little today. Then after meditating I took another look at it I thought it would be in my best interest to just jot down the notes that I took.

    I haven't really paid attention to any of the members in the gym as far as character goes or been confronted about my religion or religious beliefs. I do know that Crossfit 2.0 holds bible study at the box during the week.

    As for God using me to do great things for his glory, I should hope that I provide a positive environment for the people that are in my life and that I am surrounded being a good example and doer of his word. Through my Christ like examples and character I would have an impact without even having to say a word to that individual. Being able to read hear and understand his word and when he is talking to me so that I am able to witness to other the amazing things that he has done in my life in hopes that someone's heart would be touched and a life would be saved and I would in turn give all the glory to God for what he done thru me in order to reach out to someone else.