Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Spiritual WOD - 1/11/2012

"And Jesus favor with man." (Luke 2:52)

Goal-Setting - Step #3 (Outreach)

1 - Consider 3 specific ways you can be used to impact others by your faith within the next 3 months

2-Enter the specifics in the OUTREACH section of the chart

3-Consider 3 outreach endeavors you want to pursue in your lifetime (big dreams)

4-Enter the specifics in the long-term goal section of the chart

*If you are comfortable sharing, post one of your goals to Comments

“I would not give much for your religion unless it can be seen.  Lamps do not talk, but they do shine." (Charles Spurgeon)

1 comment:

  1. I usually pray for divine appointments. That way I know the person(s) has been prepared for the encounter. James says that our faith without works is dead!

    Thanks again for all your efforts to give us the opportunity for expression of our faith.