Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Faith WOD - 5/2/2012

List 3 areas of your life your faithfulness can influence others.

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"Love the Lord, all His saints!  The Lord preserves the faithful, but the proud He pays back in full.  Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the Lord." (Psalm 31:23-24)



  1. Justin CulpepperMay 2, 2012 at 4:13 AM

    1. Allowing the Lord to use you at work.
    2. Building relationship with your neighbors.
    3. Maintaining an attitude and character worthy of Christ at your CrossFit box.

  2. 1. Being faithful and always there for my wife, church and family
    2. Being faithful at work to strangers and neighbors
    3. Being faithful to the Lord, giving him first place and focus each day.

  3. 1. Faithfully bringing up my kids, believing they will choose to live a Christ-centered life.
    2. Faithfullness at work, believing that my co-workers will notice the hope I have within me.
    3. Faithfullness in my community, believing that my neighbors will experience the love God has for them.

  4. 1. Staying in the Word so that I stay close to God's Will for my unit while we are deployed to Afghanistan.
    2. Praying before every mission.
    3. Praying with my wife every time I get the opportunity to talk to her.

  5. Jason, I've just added you, your wife, and your men to my prayer list. Be faithful. Be safe.

  6. 1. Pray over my children and be an example of what it means to be a daughter of God living His truth.
    2. Faithfully pursue my spiritual gifts and use them to serve God - not my ego.
    3. Let faith guide the direction and growth of CrossFit Ocean City. (This is a cool one because since we changed our focus to a faith based business model, amazing things have occurred.)