Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Faith WOD - 11/14/2012

The JOURNEY begins tomorrow!  Pack your bag...

Research this question:  Why were the Israelites instructed to use unleavened bread in the Passover supper?

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  1. To be a representation of ridding themselves of sin before embarking on their great journey.

    It also represents the haste at which they had to leave Egypt (no time for letting the bread rise)

  2. The Jewish people thought in pictures. Leaven represents sin in the bible. The Jewish people were being saved that night and they could not eat sin. It was a picture of believers in the Messiah who are saved and free from sin. The picture of Jesus was used over and over again. Jesus was the bread of life (no sin in Him), the Right Arm of the Lord, The Great I Am, The Cloud and the Fire, The Rock that followed them around in the wilderness, The Water (of life), The Prophet that God was going to send like Moses.

  3. Check out the article on this website on the parody between leaven and sin I found it very good and backed by scripture. It's worth a look. Hope you all enjoy.