Friday, March 1, 2013

Faith WOD


READ:  Matthew 10 (again)

REFLECT:  Why should I share the Gospel?

RESOLVE:  Pray for those who have been placed in front of you for the Gospel's sake.
*Share the verse on Comments.

"You received without paying; give without pay."


  1. Great stuff Coach - thanks for getting up before 5am to share!
    Christian from K-State

    1. Ha! You got it brother. Thanks for chiming in. God is good.

  2. I should share the Gospel with others because I know the great things it has done for me in how its changed me, and it would be selfish to not want to share that greatness with others

  3. You know I have overlooked Verse 8 in my, very powerful few words...of course Christ spoke them, so every word is powerful...even though I have always overlooked this verse in my studies the hymn that came to my mind IMMEDIATELY was written in 1972 by Carol Owens titled "Freely, Freely" just amazes me how psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs have taught me so much!!