Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Faith WOD

READRomans 5

REFLECT:  How many times do you see the word "rejoice," "boast," or "glory?"

RESPONDIn 100 words or less, describe what gives you joy.

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"We rejoice in hope of the glory of God."


  1. God's blessings give me JOY...Christ, family, health...I've Got The Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy Down In My Heart

  2. I very rarely see the words in regular daily activities. That being around town or at work. However in scripture, in my home, or in church related activities the words, message, and feelings are everywhere.

    I receive joy from God, family, friends,and physical activities and/or actions. I am joyful when I read God's word and reflect on his love for a hopeless sinner that is undeserving. I am joyful when I see my children play and I receive hugs and laughter in the presence. I am joyful when I consider the match that the Lord has given me in my wife. I could go on...

  3. I find joy in my family and friends who brought me to Christ. I find joy that I am saved and that I can share this blessing with others. I find joy spending time outdoors in gods wonderfully creation.

  4. I find joy in looking at my children each day knowing how God has blessed me. I find joy that God has made my issues into courage to continue growing in faith. I find joy in each time I feel like I cannot go on, God pushes me harder and I find myself so much further past the place I wanted to stop...

  5. I find joy when I know I am in the center of God's will. When I am doing what he has planned for me.