Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Faith WOD

READRomans 5

REFLECT:  When did Christ decide to die for you?

RESPONDWhat makes you - "you?"  Identify three things that compose your identity in the eyes of the world.

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"For while we were still weak, at the right time Christ died for the ungodly."


  1. In the eyes of the world my identity is composed of:
    1) A soldier, just my occupation. Some people see that as a great thing and thank me others think I threw away my college education. Some people look at this occupation as an occupation for uneducated people... depends on who is looking.
    2) A broken Christian. Sure I am a Christian. I don't go about correcting people though. I am not the best Christian and because of that the judgement is greater... Working on it... will get there one day with God's help.
    3) Son, Brother, Uncle: In these positions I have a responsibility to my family as well as to the culture. Filling in the position of these titles causes me to protect the ones I love, stand up for them, strive for greater things for my families name, learn of my position in the pack I suppose at times...

    This is what I think the world sees as my identity, also along those lines would be my full sleeve of tattoos, my habit of T-shirt and jeans to any occasion and my car grease that stains even my nicest of pants from building cars all my life...

  2. Christ died for all of us at the same time and I accepted his death, burial, and resurrection when I became a Christian...sometimes I concern myself too much of what the world thinks or sees in me...Bring Christ Your Broken Heart is a great hymn for me

  3. Reflect: Christ died for me when I was still weak, sinful, and His enemy.

    Respond: My Identity according to the World
    1. Cadet/Student- People see my discipline and ambition to learn and perform
    [I want my spiritual walk to be more prominent]
    2. Health/ Fitness Enthusiast- I put a lot of time and effort into nutrition, activity, and fitness 9and knowledge thereof)
    [I want to use this to point others to Christ]
    3. Son/Brother/Grandson/Cousin/Nephew- I am closest with my mom and dad, then sister, then the rest of my family. The closer I am with each, the more they realize my relationship with Christ.
    [I want to reach out to the rest of my family and beyond to be a light to what Christ has done for me and what He can do for them]