Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Faith Workout

READ:  1 John 4

REFLECT:  How can we know...that we know God?

1 - Evaluate your daily routine.  Identify any regular habits that tend to distract you from the message of Christ.
2 - Evaluate your goals.  Identify any that are merely designed to create comfort and/or fame for yourself.
3 - List regular habits and goals that help you hear and share the message of Christ.

*Share your thoughts on comments and with your Faith Rx'd Chapter.

"So, my dear children, don’t let anyone divert you from the truth." (1 John 3:7 - The Message)


  1. We know true love of others, then we know Gods love, then we know God. When we choose to love unconditionally that is when wr can have confidence we know God.

  2. 1.) Social media and worrying about the things that people may post or say about me. One of my biggest distractions on a daily basis is what people think of me and rather or not they are talking about me. I think one of the biggest things that can occur in my life is that evil thought or spirit would go away and allow me to focus only on the things that are pleasing to God. When that worry began to take over my mind it makes it that much harder for me to focus on him.

    2.) Money, the root to all evil. True I want my finances to be covered and managed better so that I am able to give more cheerfully.

    3.) I read Jesus calling every morning, Listen to bible sermons through out the day. Try to spend an hour a day in my bible. Different study helps. Surrounding myself with people who are trying to get as close to God as I am myself.

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